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LONG LASTING REUSABLE COFFEE CUP - Perfect for Tea or Coffee, Hot or Cold drinks our Wave Reusable metal coffee cup is perfect for at home, the office or on the go. The cup is made from high quality stainless steel to ensure it is long lasting, and smashproof - enabling you to drastically reduce your of single use plastic coffee cups. The BPA Free lid prevents spills and makes sure your coffee cup is versatile for different activities.
DOUBLE WALLED THERMAL CONTROL - The double-walled design keeps your drink the desired temperature, whether it is hot or cold. Due to the double-walled insulation the outside of your cup remains cool to the touch, perfect for taking an extra hot coffee on the go! This also prevents any external condensation.
SLEEK LUXURIOUS BARISTA SIZE DESIGN - Our professional design fits into all aspect of life, perfect for taking to a meeting at work or using walking the dog. We wanted Eco-Friendly to still feel lux and fashionable at an affordable price. Designed to be barista friendly our 12oz/350ml cup fits perfectly under coffee machines and the wide open rim allows for a beautifully poured coffee and enjoyable drinking.
HELP THE ENVIRONMENT & SAVE MONEY - With most cafes and coffee shops now offering discount for reusable coffee cups our Wave Cup can save you money whilst simultaneously helping the environment. 7 million disposable coffee cups are used in the UK every day and less than 1% of these recycled and half a million cups littered. Using a reusable cup can help make a difference to these shocking figures.
THE WAVE MISSION - Wave was founded by two people out of a passion for coffee and the environment. After learning about the devastating amount of single use coffee cups discarded within the UK we knew we wanted to make a difference and started Wave Cups. We wanted to keep Wave honest, local and affordable, focussing on what really matters - protecting our world.