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Where do I buy my WAVE cup?

You can buy it here on our site! Head to the "Products" page where you will find a selection of colours. Alternatively you will shortly be able to find us on Amazon. 

How can we stock your cups?

We would love you to stock the WAVE cup. Simply send an email to [email protected] with "Stockist" in the subject and we will reply as soon as we can. 

The Product

Why is the cup made from glass?

Have you ever tried to drink from the cheap plastic cups people sell? We have and we didn't enjoy it! To us it is important that our drink tastes just how we like it, and glass does not change the taste of your drink. The glass cup will ensure your drink tastes just the same as it does at home, or in your favourite coffee shop. It is also more hygienic, won't stain and most important, can be recycled!

Is the glass strong?

It sure is. In fact it is borosilicate glass, which is well known for its heat retention, its light weight, resistant to thermal shock, non-porous, and shock resistant. It is also free of any harmful chemicals including all types of lead, BPA, and Cadmium. Borosilicate glass is also microwave and dishwasher safe. 

What is the purpose of the silicone sleeve?

The silicone sleeve is to help you grip your cup, and give it some protection for any knocks or bumps. It also lets us add a burst of colour to the cup which makes it look great! The silicone can also be recycled (check with your local authority to see where you can dispose of this correctly)

The Environment

Why should I buy a WAVE cup?

Because it is so much better for the environment! Chances are that the single use cups you get from your local coffee shop are made of cardboard, which is of course recyclable and biodegradable. Unfortunately a very high percentage of these cups have a plastic lining on the inside, which makes them very hard to recycle or break down in nature.