Khaki 500ml Thermal Bottle

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Insulated Thermal Flask: The double walled, vacuum insulated and copper lined flask will keep your drink hot or cold whatever the weather. This flask ensures your drink will stay warm for over 6 hours and cold for more than 12. Leak Proof and Anti Sweat: The Wave Flask has a BPA-Free silicone rubber seal fitted to the screw top lid, ensuring the flask will not leak if the bottle is stored in your bag or moving around. The anti-sweat flask means no build up of condensation on the outside of your bottle - keeping your belongings dry. Sleek and Luxurious: Designed with the user in mind, this cup is easy to carry, and easy to store. The flask has a high-quality powder coating, providing a professional look and making it easy to grip. Screw Top Lid: The double screw top lid makes it easy to fill the flask with the drink of your choice. There is also a secondary screw top lid to ensure smooth drinking. Carefully designed so the lid can be dismantled for easy cleaning. Stainless Steel Design: The inner wall of the flask is made of food grade 304 stainless steel ensuring temperature control of hot and cold drinks, keeping it easy to clean and free of any harmful materials. Totally Recyclable: At the end of the bottles life don't forget to take it to your local recycling centre and pop it in with the scrap metal. The plastic lid can be recycled too - just check your local recycling rules or send it back to us and we will ensure it is fully recycled. Care Advice: We recommend washing your cup and lid by hand to prevent any scratches - don't worry though - the high quality materials ensure the flask and lid are easy to clean! If you have any issues with your cup please get in touch with us - we are more than happy to help